Monday, August 22, 2016

Goodwill Outlet

The Goodwill Outlet is where I like to find pieces to "refashion."  They charge $1.39/pound for clothing.  How awesome is that?  Yes there are some heinous pieces of clothing there.  But shockingly, you can find some good stuff, too!  I've bought Hanna Andersson and Mini Boden dresses in perfect condition for my daughters!  My favorite thing to look for there, though, is really old, really big dresses.  These are the most fun pieces to refashion!

Today my friend Debbie asked to join me on the expedition.  She's a master thrifter. Here we go!!!!!

The reject clothing from area Goodwill stores is dumped from trucks into these bins.  

Then you just dig and hope for the best!

My method is just to look for fabric or print that catches my eye.  Then I pull it out and evaluate if it will fit my daughters or me, or if it is big enough for me to refashion into something else.  

This was my haul being weighed.  I had 46 items and my total was $45.00!!!  Typically my cost is about $0.25-$0.50 per item.  This time it weighed a bit more than usual as I had 6 sweaters and a leather bomber jacket.

Aaaaaand I forgot to bring a basket or bag to carry it home!

I can't wait to get everything washed so I can show off my treasures!


  1. Where is this outlet, Amanda? I'd like to check it out.

    1. Brenda it is down near the airport! Just off of 71. The address is 6505 Burleson Rd.

  2. I went to one of these in my town, too - it was crazy!! Your location looks more organized, but I got a bunch of stuff for 11 cents each and even though I haven't held on to most of it long-term, it was a great opportunity to try some trendy items for hardly any dough!



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