Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Spring Transition

Spring transition is my favorite time of year!!!  I am NOT a cold weather girl.  My favorite clothes are warm weather clothes, so I am about to be so happy!  Of course, transition from Winter to Spring looks vastly different across the country. Here in the South, we've already been having 80 degree days and tornadoes.  Who knows, we may have another freeze in us, but not likely!

I've put together some looks that should work with minor changes no matter where you live.

Florals are a great way to look Spring-y! 

Throw on a jacket and boots or booties if it is still cool.

This Gray Monroe dress is perfect as is for warmer climates or just throw on a cardi or denim jacket if it is cooler.

Floral pants are great because you can wear them with flats or heels where it is warmer or put on boots or booties with them where it is colder.
 P.S. - if you just love this leather tote it can be yours right here!!!

Another great way to wear a floral top is to throw on a bright cardi and a skirt.  Add more layers (or pants instead) if you need to!

 Layers are the perfect go-to for transitioning seasons!

I wear the jacket in the morning and by noon I have to lose it!  Add leggings if it's colder where you are.  
These blush Adidas are going to be a Spring staple for me!

A brightly colored blazer is a great way to layer in the Spring!

More fun pants and a cardi.

Swing dresses are great because you can wear them as is or they look great with tights or leggings for warmth.  I definitely had to lose this scarf by afternoon, but it was great for the cool morning!

What's your go-to Spring transition look?

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Noonday Style

Noonday Style - It's no secret that I love Noonday Collection.  The pieces are just gorgeous and are all handmade by artisans around the world! America provides a marketplace for these artisans to sell their work when they might not have a source of income otherwise.  One of my best friends is an Ambassador and I host a launch show for her every Spring and Fall. Just this weekend I hosted the Spring launch, and let me tell you there are some fabulous pieces!!!

I mean really!!!
Noonday Style
This gorgeous Wildflower clutch is handmade in Peru.

My trunk show will be open through Thursday, February 23.  You can shop directly through this link
And just because I love my followers, if you make a purchase, you'll be put in a drawing to win one of these pair of earrings!
Noonday Style
These Flight of Fancy earrings handmade in Peru are retired, BUT I have a brand new pair just for you!

Noonday Style
These Fringed Crescent Earrings are handmade from upcycled metal in Haiti.

Here are a few more of the pieces from the current line, but you can see everything if you click on the link above!

I'm wearing the Wideleine earrings handmade from upcycled oil drum and leather from Haiti.  Jill (my ambassador) is wearing the leather Mystique earrings from India. Our necklaces are True North paper beads from Uganda and the Fawn Necklace from India.

Here's a better view of the True North

Noonday Style
Jill - Earrings, Rivulet from India; Reversible Necklace, Andromeda from India
Me - Earrings, Golden Hour from India; Necklace, Mara from Kenya (the bottom piece of this necklace is removable)

Blush Fringed Crescent Earrings from Haiti (ON SALE!!!)

Noonday Style

And you guys, the bags!  Oh they have my heart!!! 
Noonday Style

Noonday Style

There are so many more amazing pieces!  You can read my other post about Noonday Collection here to see some of the ways I've styled what I have!

Remember - if you purchase from this trunk show, comment here on this post and let me know or write a message in the notes section of your order saying you read about it on my blog!  Then you'll be entered to win a fabulous set of earrings!

What's your favorite Noonday piece?

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Don't Make me Blush

Don't make me blush!  On second thought, yes, do!!!  I'm just loving blush right now.  There are so many beautiful blush pieces out there, so I thought I'd share a few of my faves.  These are a wide range of price points, so hopefully something for everyone.

Don't make me blush

1. Scarf - you guys, this is $4.99!!!!

2. Earrings - these are on sale for $28.99 from $42.00!  I have these and they are some of my very favorite earrings ever!

3. Keychain Pom Pom - $10.00

4. Adidas - $79.99 I think I'm going to need these!!!

5. Floral bag - $35.00 This, too!  Oh how fun it is!

6. Michael Kors necklace - $165

7. Watch  - $18.00

8. Steve Madden heels  - $99.95


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