Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thrifty Thursday - Christmas Bell (Sleeves)

Thrifty Thursday - Christmas Bell (Sleeves)

When I saw this lovely gem at my favorite Austin thrift store, Texas Thrift, I knew I would make something Christmas-y with it!

Thrifty Thursday - Christmas Bell (Sleeves)

I decided right away to cut off the bottom part and make a tunic. Luckily, this was super easy and I didn't even have to hem it again because it was attached underneath!
Thrifty Thursday - Christmas Bell (Sleeves)

The top part fit perfectly as a tunic, so I didn't even have to change anything there!  I could have left it as a simple tunic then, but I really wanted to do something fun with the bottom part I had cut off - the tucked detailing was so cute!  So, I cut it in half and used each half to sew a bell sleeve onto each sleeve.  
Thrifty Thursday - Christmas Bell (Sleeves)

Thrifty Thursday - Christmas Bell (Sleeves)

Before and After
Thrifty Thursday - Christmas Bell (Sleeves)

I think I'll be wearing this to some holiday parties!  I'm pretty sure I'll also wear it to my Family Feud audition on Sunday.  I'm bringing a "Before" pic with me!  Wish us luck - I've wanted to be on that show forever!!!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Thanksgiving Part 2 - Casual looks

Thanksgiving Part 2 - Casual looks.  I think most people tend to dress more causal and comfy for Thanksgiving.  I mean, it's a holiday centered around eating a feast, so comfort is vital!  Here are a few comfy, but cute looks for your Turkey Day.

Buffalo Plaid tunic, Leggings and Booties
Thanksgiving Part 2 - Casual looks
Tunic is from TJMaxx, leggings are Zella from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, booties are Target 2 years ago, FABULOUS hand beaded bag is Noonday Collection - and OH MY GOODNESS, it's on sale for $59, from $120!!! Duster earrings are Noonday, too!

 Oversized Tunic, Leggings and Over-the-knee Boots
Thanksgiving Part 2 - Casual looks
Tunic is from The Lily James Collection, leggings are same as above, boots are Vince Camuto form the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, bag is Betsey Johnson from TJMaxx.

Oversized Sweater, Long Sleeved Tee, Leggings and booties
Thanksgiving Part 2 - Casual looks
Do you see a common theme???  All of these looks have the same leggings!  Seriously though, who wants to wear jeans on Thanksgiving??? Sweater and tee and TJMaxx, leggings and booties are same as above. And now that I'm seeing this look in a pic, it's screaming for a long necklace to be layered under the cowl neck!

All of these looks are similar in that they are oversized tops and leggings, but they all have very different looks.  Which one is your favorite for Thanksgiving?

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thanksgiving Part 1 - Dressy looks

Thanksgiving Part 1 - Dressy Looks.  Some families have a tradition of dressing up for holidays.  Occasionally, our family will have Thanksgiving at the fancy schmancy buffet at the Gaylord Hotel, and we always dress up for that!  Whatever the case, if you need to dress up a bit for Thanksgiving this year, here are a few ideas for you.

Swing Dress, Blanket Scarf and Boots
Thanksgiving Part 1 - Dressy looks
The wind was so bad, it kept making this dress cling to me!  It's really a very flowy dress with lots of room for mashed potatoes and pie! I got this dress at a little boutique on vacation this summer, but the brand is JODIFL.  The scarf is from an Instagram boutique and the boots are Via Spiga from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year.

Secretary Bow Blouse, Sweater, Faux Button-up Skirt and OTK boots
Thanksgiving Part 1 - Dressy looks
 Top and Sweater are H&M, Skirt is Cabi and boots are last season Carlos Santana from Macy's.

Striped Knit Dress, Leopard Scarf and OTK boots
Thanksgiving Part 1 - Dressy looks
This knit dress is super comfy, and the scarf can cover up the post-feast food baby. Dress is last year Gap, scarf and Vince Camuto boots are from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year. Oh, and that cool gold nugget necklace is from my friend Erin's shop - check her out on Instagram @gussied

Stay tuned for more causal looks!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Free Refashion!

A free refashion is just what I needed this week!  Not long ago, my church had a clothing swap.  We all brought clothes that, for various reasons, we didn't need anymore.  Then we all went through them and took home what we wanted.  It was so much fun!  It was quite funny because one lady and I went home with almost all of each others' clothes!  I did end up bringing home this dress as well.

I debated about what I should do with this beauty.  Ultimately, I decided to try a dress.  If that didn't work I could always cut it off and make a skirt.  I also knew that I wanted to turn it around backwards so the buttons were in the back.

The first things that needed to go were that collar and the sleeves! 

Then the pockets

After that I just took in the sides a couple inches, cut off about 8 inches and hemmed!  

This dress screams for layers!

Where am I looking here?  No idea.

Which of the 3 looks is your favorite?

Before and After

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

LulaRoe Lots of Ways

LulaRoe lots of ways!  I know, I know.  I held out a long time.  I really didn't want to jump on the LulaRoe bandwagon.  But...I came across a LulaRoe booth at our local town square festival and I was intrigued.  I found this fun Cassie skirt and thought I'd give it a try!  Well, I liked it so much that I bought another one later.  And then a Julia and a Sarah.  

I've had fun styling these pieces different ways, so I thought I'd put together a post showing some of what I've come up with!

Cassie skirt:
 Causal and comfy with a half tucked tee, slip on sneakers and beads. Waistband worn at the waist for an at the knee/slightly below the knee length.

Dressed up with a white oxford and heels.  Worn higher for an above the knee pencil skirt look

Casual and warm with an oversized sweater, chambray shirt and booties

Another layered look with a different Cassie

With a nice tee, beads and flats

Knotted chambray and booties

I like to mix my LulaRoe skirts with other brands for a unique look!

I have been wanting a Sarah cardigan, so when my friend had a Facebook show and I saw this pink one I knew I wanted it!  I was so excited to find this Julia at her show, too, because it looks perfect with the Sarah!!!

The Julia dress is cute on its own, too!

Have you tried LulaRoe?  What's your favorite combo?

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