Friday, August 12, 2016

European Capsule Wardrobe Part 3 - What I Wore

When my family went to Europe this Spring, I packed for 12 days in a carry-on!  See this post for a packing tutorial.  A major part of why I was able to pack so efficiently was by planning a capsule wardrobe.  As I stated in the packing tutorial, I threw in a few short sleeved shirts and an extra pair of lighter weight pants right before we left because they were having a heat wave and I needed some cooler clothes.  I'm glad I did, because I needed them!

Here's what I packed:

Grey leggings
Bootcut jeans
Skinny distressed jeans
CAbi traveler pants (at the last minute - not a part of the original capsule)
Black jeans (wore on the plane)

2 tank tops

3 long sleeved shirts (wore 2 on the plane)
3 short sleeved shirts (at the last minute - not a part of the original capsule)

3 sweaters

1 blazer

2 casual dresses
1 nice dress

1 pair of boots (wore on plane)
1 pair slip on walking shoes
1 pair heels

4 scarves (my girls and I shared them)

1 trench coat

Tote bag for travel
Cross body for sight-seeing

After a nap and a shower on the day we arrived, I had to wear cool clothes because it was hot!

Day 2 - another warm day!

Day 3 - scarf for the cool morning, but it came off pretty quickly!

Day 4 - one of our coolest days.

It's hard to see, but for some reason this was the only pic of my black dress for Wicked!  I'm wearing the one necklace I brought and low black heels.

Day 5 - another "scarf in the morning, but warm in the afternoon" day.


Day 7 - warm again! Isn't this Noonday Collection bag the cutest?

Day 8 - this may be my favorite look! I love these CAbi Traveler Pants!

Day 9 - another travel day, so the hat is necessary! And there are those boots again.

Day 10 - long story here, but I may have lost our tickets to Versailles.  But isn't my outfit cute???

One of my faves!

Day 11 - swing dress and boots - and of course the trusty trench coat!

I guess I didn't get a pic of Day 12, flying home!  I'm pretty sure I wore a tee and the CAbi traveler pants.  Went for comfort for sure!

This was one of the best things I ever did!  I was so proud of myself and I had plenty of clothes and options!



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