Friday, August 5, 2016

"Dress" for Your Body Type

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize that being comfortable with my body has way less to do with being “fat” or “thin” and a whole lot more to do with wearing clothes that are right for my body type.  The numbers on the scale or the size tag do not define me or hold my self-worth.  I do, however, love how I feel in a perfectly fitting dress or pair of jeans.  So instead of trying to squeeze into the size I wish I was, I find the size that fits me in a dress that is the right cut for my body!  It seriously makes all the difference in the world! 

There are so many different body types out there.  I happen to be an apple shape.  Larger on top, smaller on bottom.  My weight is carried in my upper body – arms, back, belly, etc. I have an extremely short torso and I’m very broad across the back/bust area. And honestly, no matter how thin I get, I almost always have back fat!  I hate it, but it is who I am and I just have to dress for who I am.

Which brings me to my next big point.  Dress for the body you have today.  I get it.  I really do.  You may have just had a baby.  You may still have baby weight from your 6 year old.  You may have thyroid problems or take a medication that has made you gain weight.  You are unhappy and uncomfortable where you are and you have that pair of jeans you rrrrrrrreally want to wear again.  Great.  Maybe you will someday!  But today you need to get dressed.  If you wait until your goal weight to buy a great dress or a nice fitting pair of jeans, you may be in for a long road of not feeling comfortable every time you leave the house. It truly is amazing how much better you will feel if you get a few things (they don’t have to be expensive!!!) that you like and fit you well.

So let’s take a look at some great options for different body types! For now, I am sticking with dresses.  Perhaps I'll do another post with separates in the future.

Apple (heavier on top, smaller on bottom)
Your best bet is to go with a flowy dress or a shift dress.  These will conceal your middle and show off those legs!
Madewell from Nordstrom

Madewell from Nordstrom

Madewell from Nordstrom

Pear (smaller on top, heavier on bottom)
Your best bet is fit and flare!  This will work to accentuate your waist, while doing a little bit to conceal those hips and rear!

Hourglass (we are all jealous - defined waist, curvy bust and hips)
Your best bet is a wrap dress.  This accentuates your tiny waist without adding any volume to your bust or hips.  The v-neck is also very flattering on you! You always want to wear something that nips in at your waist.

Wayf from Nordstrom

Straight (not many curves - bust, waist and hips are all about the same)
Your best bet is to go with a dress that has a nipped in waist and has a full skirt and/or some kind of broadening detail on top (such as a flutter sleeve, boatneck, off the shoulder, etc.) This will help give the illusion of curves.

Obviously there are women who do not fit into any of these categories perfectly.  If you are one of those, just do your best to take advice from all body types and apply them to you where they fit!  Also, I tried to link dresses at several price points, but these are just examples!  You can find dresses like these at any price point! 

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