Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Goodwill Outlet Treasures!

Goodwill outlet treasures!  This was super fun!  Most of what I get at the Goodwill outlet has to be "refashioned" or at least altered to fit me.  On my last trip, however, I hit the jackpot with pieces that fit me and I liked just the way they were!  I did get plenty to refashion as well, but the ready-to-wear pieces were a big score! Since they charge by the pound at the outlet ($1.39/lb), my total ended up averaging $1 per piece - I mean seriously that can't be beat!!!

I'll give you a little preview of what I found.  These are not styled how I would wear them.  I just put on jeans and a black tee for try-on purposes. This is just to show the pieces I found - I'll definitely post them styled as outfits as I wear them.

 This Old Navy dress will be super versatile and great for layering!

 I love this slouchy sweater!  I can see it worn layered in the Fall or even at the beach. Funny story - I actually did "rock, paper, scissors" with my friend Debbie for this sweater in the middle of the outlet! 

I'll layer this skirt with tights and boots.

 I'm not sure how I'll wear this vest, but I thought it had a fun, boho vibe. Suggestions?  

 I love the fun green plaid!  I can see it worn oversized with leggings and boots or maybe knotted for a more fitted look.

 Leopard cape.  Need I say more???

 I love this fun, oversized Aztec sweater

 I'm not sure why I thought I needed 2 Aztec sweaters...

 Hello 80's???

This is a super comfy neutral top. 

This leather bomber jacket might be my favorite purchase!  And for $1, too!!!

I also found several scarves!

In addition to these pieces and my refashion pieces, I got a huge stack of ready-to-wear (after washing of course!!!) clothes for my girls!

Have you ever been to a Goodwill outlet? If you have, I'd love to hear about your treasures! If you haven't, you should research the closest one to you!


  1. I love these treasures! Especially the capes and sweaters!

  2. One of my favorite stores!...We have a great Salvation Army store in my area and many days I can say that everything I have on is from there except my underwear!!

  3. What fun treasures to find, I get in the mood sometimes to shop at Goodwill and there are some better than others.Thanks for stopping by #OMHGFF, hope you will visit again next week.
    Warmest Greetings of the Season and Best Wishes for
    Happiness in the New Year with Holiday Blessings

  4. Awesome finds! I do shop at Goodwill but haven't been this lucky at all one time before. Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty

  5. Hi Amanda, Wish we had a Goodwill Outlet - $1 a pound! What a deal! I really like the green plaid shirt and the leopard cape! Great finds! Blessings, Janet

  6. You've got some cute outfits! Looking good!



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